The Urbanism module manages the specific Urban Planning documents within County Mayoralties and Councils – Urbanism Certificates, Construction Authorizations, Positive / Negative Opinions.
The application can work independently or integrated with the CID (Internal Document Movement) module.

The system has the following functions:

  • adding the document based on a request entered into the CID module or independently;
  • completing information specific to the type of act initiated and listing the document;
  • configuring options and predefined text to streamline data entry;
  • complex search for different parameters for quick access to a document;
  • view indexed document registers for calendar periods;
  • the list of authorizations whose validity expires in a given month of the year and alerts for them;
  • the possibility of working with AC and CU projects that can then be passed as definitive;
  • issuing payment notifications;
  • meeting chairs with the possibility of adding a document or group of documents to the border;
  • the possibility to view and list the borders and reports in Excel format;
  • calculation of tax adjustment related to Construction Permits, including calculation of interest and penalties.
By integrating with the portal or the website of the institution, Urbanism Certificates and Building-Disposal Permits are automatically published – the Online Urbanism module.

The Urban online module has the following features:

  • Integrating the application into the site of the institution;
  • Search for different parameters for quick access to a document
  • Authorized access to information