Public Relations and Urban Planning


The Internal Circulation of Documents Module is intended to track the flow and storage of electronic documents and images of written documents within an institution.


The Urbanization Module manages the specific Urban Planning documents within County Town Halls and Councils – Urbanism Certificates, Building Permissions – Abolition, Positive / Unfavorable Opinions (Single Agreements).


The module allows submission of requests (petitions) online to local government institutions (mayoralties, county councils or others) as well as a view of the status of the applications submitted.

Docs4Ever – Arhivă electronică

The electronic archiving module is intended for archiving documents within an institution in electronic format.


The module permits audience management, registration of requests, planning, assignment to departments and auditors, and recording of how to solve audiences.


The module allows the taxpayer to submit and view audience requests to local government institutions (mayoralties, county councils, or others).