Products for companies


The module automates accounting activity and allows accurate data management to be obtained at any time with an efficient data management system and in accordance with current legislation, addressing all financial and accounting requirements.


The application is used to manage inventory of materials, finished products, as well as inventory items on warehouses and management.


The application provides the necessary support for the management of patrimonial items, fixed assets, maintaining information about their records, characteristics and movements.


The application provides computer support for the Human Resources department for the administration of the staff, the calculation of the salary rights due and the elaboration of the statements to the social insurance institutions.


Cash flow: intended for economic agents whose principal activity is the provision of services, it follows and manages the contracts or invoices issued by them.

CARP Management

The application is designed to manage the activities of a reciprocal retirement home.


The module is designed to manage leases, track payments and earnings on each contract.