Our history

1990 – Dorin Barbul establishes Indeco Soft SNC, which in 1993 became S.R.L., a company specialized in the production of financial-accounting software and based on the experience gained by the founder in InfoMara – Territorial Electronic Computing Center.

2000 – the company is focused on specialized software development for the local public administration, moves to a new headquarters and the team extends to 7 employees; the main client is Baia Mare Municipality.

2002 – are included in the portfolios of city and communal town halls in Maramureş County and the first version of the tax administration and tax administration solution, Impotax, is launched.

2003 – a new financial-accounting solution package for local government is launched under the eCUB brand and the company with a staff of 13 employees becomes a Microsoft partner; the clients portfolio enters the Bistrita and Zalau municipalities.

2004 – 15 software assistants are assigned to distribute products and provide specialized customer services for neighboring counties; the portfolio of technical solutions significantly increases the coverage of other public administration processes, including content management needs.

2005 – the company becomes the most important in Maramureş County in the field of IT (award granted by CCIMM, year 2005 – 2010); the number of employees exceeds 50, out of which about 30 are located in Baia Mare; the head office moves into a new, dedicated building; two important projects are being carried out at the Arad City Hall and the City Hall of Slatina.

2005 – at ANIAP Annual Conference, Indeco Soft wins the First Prize in the Presentation Contest with the innovative SIGMA concept, integration and management solution.

2006 – Oradea City Hall starts migrating to Indeco Soft applications.

2007Indeco Soft is involved in community life by opening a training center for pupils in collaboration with the county library.

2008 – at the annual conference organized by ANIAP, the implementation of SIGMA from the City Hall of Oradea wins the category of the solution of the year.

2008 – The Baia Mare City Hall through Tax and Tax Directorate is the first institution in the country to collect taxes via bank card via the Internet using the Indeco Soft solution under the GlobalPay brand.

2009 – the most complete integrated management system for social services and services under the AsiSoc brand is launched; online e-services solutions for citizens are being developed.

2010GlobalPay becomes the online tax collection tool for 9 cities (out of 15 with online cashing systems) and adds 88% of online transactions in the field; Indeco Soft becomes a member of APERO and together launches a project to develop a national system for online collection of taxes and duties; the project involves MCSI, MFP and MAI and is reflected in SNEP – the National Electronic Payment System for Taxes and Taxes.

2011 – the new headquarters is inaugurated, a modern construction specially designed to host Indeco Soft; the number of employees reaches 100; an integrated computerization project of the City Hall of Targu Mures is being carried out; Indeco Soft implements a first project contracted by an authority in another country – Serbia – in the field of water management.

2015 – Indeco Soft becomes a member of ARIES, the Transylvania subsidiary and a partner in the iTechTransilvania innovation cluster. The social involvement of Indeco Soft is materialized by supporting two social economy structures – physical / electronic archiving services and eHealth services by providing innovative software solutions.