By purchasing and using applications produced under the Indeco Soft brand, you have set the premises for a coherent activity, in line with current legislation and respect for your taxpayers, partners and customers.

For this collaboration to become a long-lasting strategic partnership with tangible benefits to your organization, Indeco Soft offers you a comprehensive post-implementation support and maintenance service package:

  • Upgrading IT packages with legislative changes
  • Support in analysis, planning and execution of on-demand modifications
  • Updating documentation for administration and exploitation of applications
  • Maintenance, optimization, validation and correction of database operations
  • Regular training sessions for new app features or less familiar apps
  • Automatic day-to-day backup of databases; in the event of failure, 100% data recovery is guaranteed at the level of the last available backup

Consultancy for optimizing physical servers used by Indeco Soft applications
  • Advice on specific business issues that may occur with complex solutions to optimize your activities and interactions with third parties
Indeco Soft offers its customers a Customer Help Desk system focused on 4 components:
  • By phone – at the technical support center of Indeco Soft located at the headquarters – Baia Mare – minimum 8 hours / day
  • On-Site – at the Beneficiary’s headquarters, assisted by the technical staff of Indeco Soft, located at the level of the beneficiary and at the headquarters of Indeco Soft – at least 8 hours / day
  • Live Help – through the CERC solution – Electronic Customer Relations Center, available at 24 hours / 24, 7 days / 7
  • Electronic – via email, instant messaging – 24 hours / 24, 7 days / 7