About Us

Indeco Soft is an important developer and implementer of eGovernment, eBusiness and Content Management solutions in Romania.

The experience of over 20 years in the management of complex integrated business process management projects in governmental and private institutions is the guarantee of the added value, quality and performance growth that Indeco Soft products and services bring to operational and managerial activities.

By combining the expertise of our specialists and customers with the ongoing analysis of the legislation and using the technical skills of the software development teams, supported by modern quality management methodologies, we always approach our products with the optimal way of operating and processing data, and control.

The user reads easily in the functionalities offered by the processes and flow of documents he is accustomed to.

Information, communication and performance of the technology accessible through Indeco Soft programs, along with a team of interdisciplinary abilities will always be a pleasant environment for addressing and solving the problem that defines the responsibility of each user.

With indulgence and dedication, Indeco Soft has become the partner of over 1,000 public institutions including county councils, city halls, national agencies, cities, communes, and other budget units, while over 100 private companies have opted for our eBusiness solution .