The Transport application manages the local public transport service in accordance with the provisions of the Local Public Transport Law no. 92/2007, as amended and supplemented.
The application ensures the following:
  • authorized transport operators;
  • operator car park, with attachment of images;
  • of the issued transport authorizations;
  • compliant copies;
  • route licenses;
  • the route license specification;
  • taxi authorizations;
  • dispatchers;
  • taxi assignment contracts;
  • rental contracts;
  • transport coordinators / column heads;
  • drivers’ records.

The registers required by law are automatically generated, all the documents required by law are listed: authorizations, compliant copies, route licenses, route license specifications, tax authorizations, tax assignment contracts, rental contracts, additional documents, notifications , driver records, etc. and other situations.

Automatically manages the related debits in the local tax and tax base.