The module is intended for the management of capital investments carried out through projects financed from multiple sources.

The SIMPA system is a tool for project management in the institution’s portfolio to ensure timeliness control, budget and quality parameters associated with objectives, and for predicting investment spending to budget and transparently manage public funds.

Through differentiated access to competence levels in various situations and composite reports, as well as through the presentation of the time evolution of indicators, the system is a scoreboard that allows management to make optimal decisions about fund management and transparency of managerial act.

The system submodules are:

  1. Capital budget and project portfolio
The component allows the drafting of the portfolio of projects including both current and multiannual projects, with hierarchy based on criteria that determine their importance.
  1. Projects Management
It allows the definition, planning, organization, follow-up and drafting of project reports. It is a project management tool allowing planning and tracking of the projects.
  1. Invest – financial follow-up of investment projects
The sub-module has in the center the list of investment objectives organized on programs, with possibilities of filtering and searching on various criteria: budget classification, sources of financing, destination. Standard module reports provide support for synthetic and detailed analytics of system-managed investments.
  1. Acon – Procurement Management
The sub-module provides the IT support required for the procurement process. The application allows the preparation of the annual procurement program and the classification of entries in this list by type of acquisition – products, works, services – CPV common vocabulary code and award procedure – dialogue, open or restricted bidding, negotiation, bidding, solution contest.