The ReSum application provides IT support for the Human Resources department to manage employee staff, calculate salary rights and make statements to social security institutions.

According to the specific legislation of civil servants, the management of the employees will be differentiated for: civil servants; contract staff; contract staff; named dignitaries; elected dignitaries; other categories of staff according to the labor code;

The organizational and functional model of the institution can be elaborated on several hierarchical levels, specifying the job description for filling the state of functions. For each post, you can fill in data related to staffing, job description. A series of data is automatically filled in as in the case of gradation. It is automatically filled in depending on the age of the employee occupying the post.

One employee can join one or more employment contracts, each of which is managed separately. Each contract may benefit from 15 more increments with a distinct computing formula, besides salary, driving allowance, merit, seniority.

Defining the organizational chart allows data to be updated on a small set of staff (office / department / direction / service, etc.) or across the institution.

There is a possibility to manage the time of your own device separately from the counselors’ time, separate commissions, or other types of tips. At the same time, for each of these types of attachments there is the possibility to make different listings: payment state, centralizer, recapitulative situation, etc.

When calculating the salary calculation for your own device, you can enter:

– Additional hours (75% / 100%); Other amounts; Prizes; Prizes 2% / 10%; First retirement; First vacation; incentives; Salar 13; Various rights as distinct evidence (social rights, attire, counters)

– Retention of the trade union, with different calculation possibilities for each trade union.

– CAR Reserves, Food Pensions, Compensations, Guarantees.

– Medical leave (initial / sequential), calculation and management is done automatically by the application.

– Guard Hours, Operator Block Hours, Higher Salary, Calls From Home (These Are Used By Hospitals)

The calculation of the salary can start from the drawing of the attendance sheet (period or per month). Only exceptions to days worked are in the attendance sheet, ie:

– rest leave; medical leave; study leave; unmotivated, etc.

At the same time, the other options available in the application can also be used:

– Advance payments (distinct evidence – advance leave, salary, prizes, incentives, commissions, first leave),

– Early advances, like Advance, are used for months that are not yet initialized,

– Deductions – any other types of other retentions (eg bank rates, rent, etc),

– Optional pension – automatically manages optional pensions, by type of insurer, if there are several, and automatically differentiates the deductibility ceiling (400 euros for 2012), the amount exceeding the established ceiling is automatically passed by the application on non-deductible amounts,

– Other rights – these are usually other amounts that can be entered as separate accounts and aggregate gross (breaks leave, etc.).

The application keeps track of the Professionals File, with the possibility of transferring amounts from the employment contract, time sheet, attendance sheet for the data set that is specific to each form, eg F form with salary rights.
The application allows generation of accounting notes in the budget / accounting module, this can be done at the node level in the organization chart (department) or at the group level.
Group export is done if there are several departments in the organizational chart that are paid from the same budget chapter and there is no department in the organizational chart to make a total for them.
The automatic link with the ASISOC automatically manages the employment contracts that are entered into the social assistance application to personal assistants, and only the timesheets (exceptions to the days worked) will be made in the human resources application.
Reports – the application has the ability to draw up staffing, payment states, centralizers, recapitulative statements, card feeds, and a variety of other listings such as: overtime hours, various types of certificates, various lists with totals, centralizers grouped by various criteria that can be useful to various statistical situations. The app handles about 270 reports.
Monthly / Yearly Situations – Cards – The application allows the generation of the card feed file (advance / payout) for 15 different banks (BCR, BRD, Transilvania, CEC, etc.). The application automatically generates the fiscal cards and the 112 declaration on the basis of the data entered, without the need for further edits, also at the end of the year, it is possible to automatically generate Fiscal Fills without the need for additional edits.