The Central Electronic Registry for Local Government – is a computer platform for the exchange of information between local administrations to implement legislation involving notifications or requests for interinstitutional data.

Through the participation of city halls, the system structures an important collection of data of common interest, accessible through online processing and reporting services. The platform allows automatic interconnection with specialized city software applications through independent standardized protocols.

The system is intended for the application by electronic means of the provisions of the laws:

  • GD 791/2010 (for amending and completing the Methodological Norms for the application of the Law No. 571/2003 on the Fiscal Code) regarding the application of the increased tax for persons who own several buildings.
  • Government Emergency Ordinance 86/2010 (for amending and supplementing the Methodological Norms for the application of the provisions of GEO No. 5/2003) on the granting of housing heating aids excluding persons holding certain properties (Annex 3).
  • Law 416/2001 with the completions of the Law 276/2010 on the granting of social security benefits (minimum guaranteed income) and requiring the carrying out of social investigations.
The basic information on which the system is built is the list of properties for each taxpayer, centralized at the level of all participating municipalities. The system automatically classifies this list according to the order of acquisition and home address, allowing for the determination of the increment quota for each additional property. Results can be accessed as consolidated or punctual search reports.

The RECAL system is offered as an online computer service, permanently available through the Internet, without involving participants in hardware infrastructure.