The situations that can be listed based on the input data are:

  • the personal account of the contributor
  • the situation of the balances
  • the daily status at a given date for each type of entry (house-bank-other types)
  • the list of those withdrawn from C.A.R.P. in a period
  • the list of loan arrears
  • list of contributors
  • the income situation over a period
  • centralizing receipts over a period
  • centralizing BORROW-COST

CARP Management

The CARP Management application is designed to ease the work of mutual help homes.

The elements the application follows are the following:

  • updating the database
  • registration of bailiffs
  • the introduction of the counterparts’ balances at a certain date
  • managing your database and tracking your personal records
  • registration of new subscribers
  • recording the loans
  • registration of contributions and other income
  • recording various operations
  • tracking the payout
  • viewing payment obligations at a certain time
  • The application is related to accounting and allows for generating all the movements that are made in the accounting program from which situations can be listed on accounts and partners.