Portal Rasnov City Hall

The Rasnov City Hall portal is a complex system designed both for informing the citizens of Râşnov and for informing the city hall officials and economic agents.

The portal uses web technologies both in the user interface and in the administration interface.

The Rasnov City Hall portal consists of three components:

  • The internet component for citizens,
  • The intranet component for civil servants,
  • Extranet component for economic agents.

The Citizens Component provides them with information of general interest as well as specific information. This component is integrated with the following modules implemented at the City Hall:

– Document Management application,

– the Urbanism application,

– Audience app,

– application for petitions,

– Online payment application.

The web component for citizens provides public news, information about the mayoralty, town hall leadership, local council, tourist information, currency exchange, and events organized by the mayoralty. It gives citizens access to a discussion forum and a search section within the portal.

The intranet component for civil servants contains a public internal communication notice. Users have access to a virtual agenda for programming and announcing certain events.

The extranet component allows users outside the city hall, citizens, or businesses to create a user account. After login, these users have access to editing and viewing and other information than those displayed in the Internet component.