The MECO module is designed to deliver tax certificates online.
To obtain the on-line tax certificate, users must take two steps in the following order:
  1. The first step is to pay the extra-judicial stamp duty and the special tax to issue the tax certificate.
  2. The second step is authentication in the on-line tax certificate listing module.
In Step Two, go through the following steps:
  1. The taxpayer is chosen as a natural or legal person. The search criteria will be CNP / CUI.
  2. Fill in the additional data that must appear in the tax certificate next to the taxpayer’s balance.
  3. The Application for a Fiscal Certificate to be signed by the applicant is listed.
  4. List the Fiscal Certificate.
The fundamental elements of this system are:
  1. access to the system by consulting a web page at any time – 24h from 24h and 7days from 7th
  2. secure access to tax and tax records through user and password access and through a secure connection to the database server
  3. restricted access only for viewing the data required to issue the on-line tax certificate (payment arrears for outstanding amounts at the date of view)
  4. the impossibility of listing the tax certificate if the person has outstanding and outstanding amounts
  5. the system provides a history of tax certificates issued online