The ListOP module provides a unitary and centralized control of payment order tax documents for the state treasury bill.
All payment orders and spreadsheets resulting from the economic activities of the unit are captured in this module which provides, in addition to their sequential numbering, automated or assisted filling mechanisms of the fields for listing.
The application manages IBANs for both the unit and subunits that use the tool as well as their partners and offers the facilities:

– selecting the IBANs from the predefined list for the respective unit or partner;

– verification of IBANs;

– Automatically fill in the respective BIC code of the bank or treasury of the IBAN;

– automatic conversion of the sum of digits into letters;

– advanced assistance to generating the payout number.

The program allows the listing of payment orders and individual or group payment sheets in one or two copies, according to an adaptable model (according to legislation).

The printed version of the document is accompanied by the 2D PDF417 barcode that encapsulates the related data.