The Invest application aims to manage investments by tracking the projects that are aimed at achieving the investment objectives and related acquisitions.
The module has at its center the list of investment objectives organized on programs, with the possibility of filtering and searching on various criteria: budget classification, sources of financing, destination. Each item stores details about:
  • type of investment: capital (purchases), development, repair and maintenance programs, independent endowments, other investments;
  • start date, completion date – estimated and achieved;
  • estimated costs respectively, broken down by funding sources.
Structuring investments in line with the budget classification ensures the automation of the calculation of the costs incurred for an investment along with the evolution of the budget execution. Also for the investments that are the subject of projects can be traced:
  • project phases;
  • contracts for each phase;
  • estimates and job situations.
Standard module reports provide support for synthetic and detailed analytics of system-managed investments.