The module is intended for collecting local taxes and taxes due by taxpayers through the Romanian Post Offices, the CEC units or other institutions with which the City Hall has an agreement in this respect.
The system offers facilities for:
  • Advanced taxpayer search – natural or legal person in the nomenclature of persons;
  • visualization and collection of taxes, local taxes and fines owed by the municipality’s taxpayer;
  • partial or full payment of one or more due fees;
  • the listing of receipts including payments made by the taxpayer;
  • the possibility of canceling a receipt from the current date;
  • the possibility of paying fines and fees without charge;
  • viewing the taxpayer’s card which contains in tabular format the overdue taxes and payments made in the current year to both the post office and the mayor’s cash desk or by electronic means.
The system administrator can configure the parameters of each station where the charges are collected, including the receipt numbering and access security.