Impotax is an IT system designed to administer local taxes and fees. Designed in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, the system allows configuration by adapting to the local specificity.
The Impotax system works in conjunction with the National Electronic Payment System (SNEP), implementing all data transfer and settlement cash flows through the national platform, thus including payment card payment over the Internet.
The main functions of the system are:
  • records of objects and taxable items: buildings, land, means of transport and other taxable goods or objects, with a record keeping for at least 5 years;
  • the taxpayers’ records, natural persons and legal entities, in close connection with the unique street nomenclature of the locality;
  • managing the tax relationship with each taxpayer through a single (or unique) account that strengthens all payment obligations, payments, taxable objects, balance, statement of account, etc.
  • Establishment of all types of receivables (debits) on the basis of the taxable items evidenced, according to the law;
  • the establishment of increased tax for multi-taxed taxpayers, integrated with the Central Electronic Registry for Local Administrations (RECAL);
  • management of the increases, exemptions or facilities, for each taxpayer, depending on the classification in certain categories;
  • recording, processing and tracking payments by taxpayers and their effect on receivables through both the mayoralties of the town hall and alternative payment mechanisms (payment order, POS) or third party partners;
  • recording and recording of other budget receivables such as fines or occasional fees, as well as payments and their effect;
  • processing and issuing information-support for the management of tax activity;
  • archiving and unblocking of tax records from previous years, opening and closing of fiscal records for one year;
  • monitoring and analyzing the activity of the users of the application;
  • accounting records of revenues, generation of accounting records in accordance with the methodological norms established by the Ministry of Finance;
  • managing the activity of pursuing and enforcing claims;
  • budget substantiation with parameterization possibilities;
  • Editing and configuring reports to meet particular requirements through the Report Generator;
  • information and communication with the taxpayer, issuance and management of documents addressed to the taxpayer: tax certificates, payment notifications, summonses, minutes of taxation.
Modules associated with the Impotax system:
    • e-Impotax – electronic consultation and payment of taxes;
    • Impotax-p – Use third party resources (Post, CEC, RAR) for payment processing and tracking;
    • Robot – generates information for telephone payout reporting
Impotax is integrated into the suite of IndecoSoft applications with GeCon, Authorization and Contabil (Income Accounting), CID, Agroregis, Cassa, Urbanism.