The GestStoc application is used to manage the stock of materials, finished products, as well as inventory warehouse inventory and management.
The program allows:

– Managing inventory materials, inventory items and other values, based on the recording of movements (inputs / outputs), quantitative and value, with real-time inventory updating;

– Editing and listing of documents, in accordance with the applicable normative acts: reception notes, consumption / scrap / voucher notes, transfer vouchers, etc.

– the implementation of nomenclatures: product types (in line with the Stocks and Production Accounts in progress), suppliers, consumers, commissions;

Provides specific reports:

– centralizing and deploying all editable documents;

– entry / exit status (detailed or centralized),

Inventory lists, balance sheets, stock records, asset value analytics accounts, daily stocks, etc.

The application also contains a sub-module for managing the Daily Foods Lists.

All operations are in accordance with the economic and functional budget classification, the result of which is recorded automatically in the accounting.