The integrated GeCon system is designed to manage contracts between public institutions and individuals or businesses.
The system manages the following types of contracts:
  • Fixed-rate contracts, with / without VAT, in lei or currency;
  • Fixed / variable interest rate contracts, with / without VAT, in lei / currency;
  • Fixed rate / fixed rate annuity agreements with a fixed interest rate, with interest spread over the entire duration of the contract;
  • refurbishment contract services (water / canal, gas, electricity, etc.) – redistribution of invoiced amounts to consumers according to established criteria;
  • Contract based on metering;
  • Contracts based on a monthly or daily rate per area;
  • Parking subscriptions.
The system provides:
  • Settlement of receivables at the beginning of the contract or periodically with calculation algorithms according to the contractual clauses;
  • Issuing invoices in accordance with established, “block" or selective debits;
  • management of increases, exemptions or facilities;
  • recording, processing and tracking of payments by taxpayers;
  • accounting records of revenues, generation of accounting records in accordance with the methodological norms established by the Ministry of Finance;
  • managing the activity of pursuing and enforcing claims;
  • cash transfer to cash register;
  • user data security and password, while keeping user operations in the past;
  • on the part of the situations, the records of the contracts, the debits and the calculated increases, the invoices, the receipts, the generation of monthly balances, the generation of the accounting notes and their recording in the accounting, the cash receipts can be exported to the home registry.