eCUB Admin

eCUB Admin is a unitary management center for all modules that define the eCUB product

eCub Admin covers the basic management needs:

– installation and maintenance;

– system access rights;

– Data security.

When installing the system, eCUBAdmin assists with the initial database attachment and configuration phase. It then provides support for version management for both client and database applications, automating their updating over the Internet and distributing the necessary components on workstations.

The access rights management sub-module allows:

– Creating user groups and setting up system access levels by groups;

– creating user accounts and including them in groups specific to each module;

– user profiles management, change of authentication passwords;

– setting access to certain new features offered by IndecoSoft in the applications in the ECub package.

The Data Safety Component allows you to perform periodic rescue (backup), restore in special cases, and monitor the consistency of databases and user interaction with them.