Docs4Ever electronic archiving

Archiving documents is a constant challenge for both public administration and private companies alike. The number of physical documents in the archives is steadily increasing, and their retrieval is a growing challenge from year to year.

Document scanning, the use of optical character recognition tools, and their organization in accordance with archival nomenclatures and legal regulations, make it easy to find and consult the institution’s documents.
Indeco Soft’s Docs4Ever computer system enables you to perform all of these operations in a friendly and intuitive interface, built in partnership with archive management personnel, and is:
compatible with most available multifunction and scanner devices, the system allows scanning with virtual scanners and provides support for PDF file processing and optical character recognition (OCR)

The retrieval of archived documents is performed by multiple criteria (description, period, date, document type, content, notes and comments) and the search results are in accordance with the access rights of each user / group.

The system keeps track of changes to archive documents (redeemings, changes, deletions, etc.), accurately mirroring the physical archive by organizing documents in files and volumes, document management according to current legislation, based on an annual archive list, allowing creation, modification and managing the specific archive nomenclature. The system generates inventories and records, enabling the automatic management of retention times for each dossier and recording of removal operations from the archive for file consultation. Physical archive management is achieved by ensuring accurate archiving of a document in a physical location by managing physical archive spaces at the building level, room, shelf, box, position, etc., based on QR codes and generating the cover labels files.
Scanning the physical code QRs and viewing the file in electronic format for authorized users facilitates physical document management and archive checks.

Docs4Ever – Archiving Software can be provided in three ways:

Software as a service – electronically archived documents are stored in the Indeco Soft data center, certified ISO 27001 for information security, and can be consulted through the Internet by authorized users.

Local installation – archived documents are stored on your institution’s servers

Complete services – physical and electronic archiving

Docs4Ever, a social economy structure, is our partner providing physical document archiving services.
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The electronic archiving system can be integrated with other Indeco Soft products in your institution: CID (Internal Document Circuit), AsiSoc (Social Assistance), etc.