DDI – Online statement module

The DDI module is intended to submit statements to the revenue direction of a public institution.
The online submission module is divided into three sections:
  1. Administration – a section for the application manager in the Revenue Directorate, where it will be able to generate passwords for people who will use the app and options for configuring it
  2. User Interface – a section for people who have requested a user to file statements with the following features:
    1. view the existing patrimony at that time for the user logged into the app
    2. the user can add patrimony items
    3. the user can add a rectification for an existing statement
    4. section where the taxpayer can upload files to certify the statement (files attached to scans for proofs)
    5. a help section where the taxpayer can find the steps you need to follow to make an online statement
  3. The interface for the Inspector of the Revenue Directorate with the following features:
    1. the official’s visual warning of the existence of new submissions
    2. viewing submitted and unverified statements
    3. view the details of a deposited statement
    4. listing your submitted statement
    5. a section intended to transmit the confirmation / rejection to the taxpayer of the submitted declaration or the request for additional data
The fundamental elements of this system are:
  • access to the system by consulting a web page at any time – 24h from 24h and 7days from 7th
  • secure access to tax and tax records through user and password access and a secure connection to the database server
  • upon requesting the user to access the application, the request will be specified in the application with the email address and telephone number to be used in the post-submission communication on-line
  • anti-spam protection when submitting statements using a security code generator
  • the use of validations when submitting online statements for the removal of incomplete statements