The Dars Application is designed to automate the quarterly and monthly execution process by taking and processing the data in the Accounting and Budget modules and reporting them in printed and electronic format to the Financial Administration.

The application consists of submodules:

– configuration of forms;
– situations;
– execution accounts;
– correlations;
– data salvage and retrieval;
– nomenclatures.

The module is a useful software tool for preparing quarterly quarterly documents by centralizing accounting data and budget execution and presenting them in accordance with the rules in force.

Designed in a manner that greatly simplifies operation, the program allows:

– Configuring forms in accordance with state-of-the-art legislative specifications by direct or import (diskette, internet);
– the transfer of data from the budget execution, respectively balance sheets, to fill out the forms;
– configuring the source and the procedure for taking the data;
– management of several units and sub-units organized hierarchically on the structure of the budget classification;
– export and import of data in electronic format (Excel, html, dbf, including format for Public Finance Directorates);
– centralization of data from institutions for reporting at the level of administrative-territorial units;
– calculating, respectively checking the correlations;
– listing documents in the format required by the rules (balance sheets, execution accounts, annexes);