The Curriculum Computer Application is designed to assist, plan, organize, and conduct teaching.

The IT application allows the definition of the curricula for each specialization within the departments. The teaching activity can be detailed at the level of groups and subgroups for each type of activity (course, seminar, laboratory etc.) at the level of the study discipline. Joint activities such as joint courses or seminars can also be established.

On the basis of the curricula, the positions of the staff employed or associated with the teaching staff are drawn up. The application validates the hours allocated in the curriculum to both the basic norm and the hourly payment, as well as the uniqueness of the association between the hours and the teachers who support them.

Depending on the level of access, teachers can report their actual time-paid activity, and the application validates the total number of hours reported to the function rule result.

The IT application integrates with the payroll module in which it automatically generates payroll hours for salary calculations.