The Internal Circulation of Documents Module is intended to track the flow and storage of electronic documents and images of written documents within an institution. It’s designed in Web technology and is thus accessible through browser-based authentication.

The application provides the following features:

  • stocks and manages local documents, internal and external correspondence, requests from citizens, companies or various organizations;
  • the ability to manage multiple document registers.
  • permit the addition, modification, transfer, operation of a document;
  • shows the document’s flow path, so that anywhere it is known where every document is;
  • to keep track of the processing stage of a specific document;
  • describes the list of filtered documents according to several criteria: working documents, urgent, expired, dispatched documents;
  • described an index of general index, with all current or previous year documents;
  • Allows quick localization of a document through complex search tools according to various criteria.
  • describes borders and reports over a certain amount of time or daily.

Electronic documents are archived and protected against accidental loss or destruction.

The CIDonline module allows the taxpayer to view the applications submitted to local government institutions (mayors, county councils or others).

The following functions are available:

  • integration of the application on the site of the institution;
  • search for different parameters for quick access to a document;
  • consulting the status of processing of submitted documents;
  • Access to information.