The Cassa module allows you to record and track cashing or home payments, issue a receipt, and register your Home Registry.
Provides the following types of operations in one unit:

– recording daily receipts;

– registration of receipts through POS (Point of sale: point of sale, trading)

– recording of other day-to-day operations: payments, check, checkers;

– records of types of operations;

– the transfer of transactions with the house directly into the accounting records, on each working day, individually or in groups.

– transferring earnings from the Taxes & Fees application, Gecon

– allows transfer of Cash Register receipts to the Asisoc application (Social Assistance) ensuring synchronization of data between the two applications

The reporting system consists of listings:

– Daily Analytical Journal;

– Daily Synthetic Journal;

– Accounting note;

– Listing on account;

– Listing on bank account (full or partial);

– Billing line, etc

How to show and retrieve recorded records, with filtering options, and the ability to view the canceled records at any time ensures full control over the accuracy and consistency of the data.