The Budget Module allows revenue and expenditure management based on budget, involving the commitment of expenses required by the smooth running of the activities to the extent of the estimated revenues.
The information is organized on budgetary exercises and types of budgets (sources of funding) and takes into account the budgetary classification established by law and the division of the year in quarters.

The program allows:

– setting up the budget classification;
– registration of budgetary provisions broken down by quarter;
– consolidating the revenue and expenditure budget;
– rectifying the budget without restricting access to the previous state;
– detailing the expenses by chapters, subchapters, articles and aligned on a configurable structure;
– Openings and distribution of credits by title;
– the commitment, clearance, authorization and payment of expenditure on budget items with the drawing up of Annexes 1, 2 and 3 and the possibility of listing the payment order;
– the automated management of the CFP register;
– Specific reports: budget execution, credit cards, execution account, etc.
– the Salary Execution submodel allows the automatic introduction of salary execution in both the execution and the accounting
– The Invoice Sub-Module sub-module allows the automatic input of data and products on an invoice, the information to be generated in the ALOP in the analytical logbooks, both receiving the inventory items or materials and receiving the fixed assets.