The purpose of the Authorization Information System is to provide an integrated IT environment to assist in the process of granting authorizations managed by public administrations.
The system consists of 3 distinct modules, namely:
  • Operating authorizations;
  • Public food authorizations;
  • Hourly operating notice.
Through the Authorization system, you can:
  • Evidence of economic agents;
  • Evidence of the business units of the enterprises, with their classification by type of units;
  • Evidence of activities per economic agent and work point, by NACE codes;
  • Registration of applications concerning: authorization, modification of existing authorizations;
  • Approval of individual / centralized requests, listing of annexes to approval;
  • Records and listing of operating permits, public permits and permits for operating hours;
  • Managing facilities for payment of authorization fees;
  • Automatic debugging in the ImpoTax system;
  • Automatically generates contracts in the GeCon system for billing.
The application provides situations at any given time for authorizations, based on various criteria:
  • after the status of the authorization: active, suspended or suspended;
  • depending on the timetable;
  • depending on the status of the visa – targeted or non-targeted at a given date in a given year;
  • situations can be traced to the streets, NACE codes, types of units, etc.
The most relevant reports of the system are:
  • List of applications submitted for authorization, modification of authorizations, working time notice;
  • List of approved applications, applications approved within a certain deadline;
  • List of authorizations and operating hours permits issued in a given period;
  • The status of authorizations (active, suspended, withdrawn) on a given date,
  • List of requests for release;
  • List of holders with multiple authorizations;
  • List of targeted / non-target permits for a given year (on a given date);
  • Authorization History.