The AQUA application is a water management information system at regional level.

The Aqua system performs all the operations required to manage data from water management departments. The system has an interactive interface based on the graphical representation of the region of interest (hydrographic network, localities, technical infrastructure of the water management system, roads, etc.) in the center. The interface of the application is built over an interactive digital map that provides a functional system for collecting, processing and managing information and statistical data available in the database.

The application offers the following features:

  • interactivity with the map by displaying / hiding the constituent elements (localities, rivers, roads, names, etc.), shaping new elements (areas, networks), searching and quick placement of the elements in the map space
  • the ability to divide the entire territory into areas to highlight situations in the reports
  • visualization of landmarks, organized in categories, with useful information and presentation images, structured by areas, partners, roads, rivers, networks, and localities
  • instruments for measuring distances between different elements and positioning them via GPS coordinates
  • monitoring of projects and investments for each locality
  • definition and representation of varied networks (water, electricity, gas, internet, transport, telephony)
  • intensity of occurrence of a phenomenon according to certain indicators and reports situations, represented by cartograms
  • monitoring objectives by defining alerts – this option facilitates decision-making, implementation of action plans and corrective action
  • representing data in mixed form – value tables or graphs – to better illustrate the situation of some indicators or indices within a certain timeframe;
  • various situations – the evolution of the statistical indicators of a locality or of all localities in the application, the hydrological situation on the rivers
  • road infrastructure that provides the road network with associated objectives
The program is structured on two modules: Administration and Aqua, the application itself. The system restricts access and interactivity through access rights for each of these modules and for each group of users.

Graphic representation allows quick and efficient data interpretation, facilitating decision making and outlining outcomes.