The AgroRegis application is designed to provide unitary and complete land records by usage categories and inventory of each farm.
The system provides management features for:
  • the composition of each household;
  • the situation of the land owned by the household members, regardless of the title, by category of use and mode of use;
  • records of the areas under cultivation with the main crops and the number of trees by species;
  • the status of livestock by species and category existing at the beginning of the year;
  • the situation of dwelling buildings and other household constructions;
  • the means of transport with animal and mechanical traction, the situation of tractors and agricultural machinery.
For each plot, the name, the topographical number and the land categories of which it is composed shall be recorded. The volume number and the position in the agricultural register, together with the topographic number, are the connecting keys that ensure the integration of the module with the application of taxes and fees.

The agricultural register is organized according to the Government Decision no.269 of 2001, allowing the configuration of the formulas for each row and the composition of the chapters.

Print options include detailed job descriptions for each item, such as chapter breakdowns, centralizing charts, as well as lists of certificates and requests.