The Acon module provides the IT support required for the procurement process in accordance with Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2006.

The application allows the preparation of the annual procurement program and the classification of entries in this list by type of acquisition – products, works, services – CPV common vocabulary code and award procedure – dialogue, open or restricted bidding, negotiation, bidding, solution contest.

The deployment steps are preconfigured in accordance with the Guidelines for the award of public procurement contracts and include model documents to be drafted for each step of the procedure. The program automatically completes these models with the acquisition-specific data generating specific documentation in MS Word doc format, and documents can be used and subsequently edited or independent of the module.

Procedures for eligibility criteria, qualification criteria as well as evaluation criteria on the basis of which each member of the commission will score the offers.

Participants are economic agents who buy the specifications and submit offers. A winning bid automatically is rated as the maximum cumulative score.