SIGMA – Interactive Graphic for Administration Management – is a complete, flexible and modular software solution geared to two key axes for implementing eGovernment principles: integration of data from multiple sources and performance management based on urban planning, planning and monitoring.
By integrating, data transfer is transferred between specialized software applications and the managerial module is allowed to access data in their original or processed form. The key benefits of integration are:
  • Standardization and sharing of data of general interest: people register, address register, property register.
  • Efficiency by reusing information stored in databases, reducing bureaucracy and effort / operating time, eliminating errors.
  • Analyzes and composite reports, access to secure and differentiated information, rapid transfer of information between users.
  • Process control, responsibility for providing and managing information.
Integration is accomplished through adaptable interconnect software components using the XML standard, which makes secure access to databases located in different locations. SIGMA integrates both data stored by various software applications as well as data from direct collection processes through inventory, questioning, importing, retrieval from third parties.

As a management tool, SIGMA allows:

  • Fast and intuitive access to punctual and statistical data through the GIS interface: digital map of the city with interactive elements (streets, postal numbers, objectives, networks, zones, …)
  • Monitoring interventions, expenditures and revenues in a geospatial context.
  • Urban planning, strategy development and action correlation through an integrated collaborative management system.
  • Assessment and monitoring of social, economic, territorial, infrastructure and environmental indicators – evolution analysis, comparisons, predictions, cartographic representation.
  • Analysis and reporting by correlating multiple source data.
  • Supervising internal processes and those related to citizens.