The system is developed for the administration of electronic payments, made by bank card through the Internet, related to tax liabilities due by natural or legal taxpayers to the local budget, as well as fines and parking fines.
The fundamental elements of the system are:
  • Provides access to local tax records through a 24-hour / 7-day / 7-day web interface.
  • The system accepts for payment any VISA, VISA Electron Mastercard or Maestro debit / credit cards issued in the country or abroad.
  • Provides a secure electronic payment instrument based on the 3Dsecure standard.
  • Payment of local taxes and fees through this system is made with a 0 (zero) commission!
  • The system ensures delivery of the proceeds collected in the Treasury accounts of the mayoralty within the time limits provided by the law.
  • The system guarantees the correct collection of local taxes and taxes, in direct correspondence with the legislation in force.
  • The system automatically reduces the balance of local taxes and fees with the amount paid upon completion of the transaction.
  • Access to online payment facilities is based on a unique identifier – CNP or CUI – without the need for a password. Access to personal and confidential data is only allowed by password authentication.
  • The system is secured to avoid payment fraud, or unauthorized access to data.