Provides specific reports:

  • monthly depreciation;
  • inventory lists and balances on fixed assets movement;
  • inventory listing;
  • pay-as-you-go, change-of-value, movement, etc.


The MiFixSql application provides the necessary support for patrimonial assets management, fixed assets, keeping track of their records, features, and movements.

The program offers the following facilities:
  • the registration of fixed assets and the management of the characteristic elements (classification, type of asset, domain, source of financing, duration of use, inventory number – automatically generated), highlighted in the place of use;
  • automatic determination of values that characterize them: monthly amortization rate, inventory value, cumulative amortized amount, residual amortized value;
  • the possibility of updating the value of the fixed asset and recalculating the specific values;
  • editing and listing specific entry / move / output documents, and tracking the evolution of the medium.

Asset Input / Output operations together with monthly depreciation calculation mode automatically generate accounting records.