Indeco Soft Scholarship

The first edition of the „Indeco Soft Scholarships” reached it’s finale.  The participants have prooven, once more, the quality of the education system in Baia Mare, developing efficient and spectacular solutions to the proposed problems.  We hope most of them will become our colleagues the following years.

The best performers and winners are Ela Debreteni and Vlad Szabo, both studying at National College „Gheorghe Șincai” and will receive financial support during their university studies.

Special thanks to our partners for the support in organizing the contest: prof. dr. Delia Maria ARDELEAN – Maramureș County School Inspectorate, Marcela Adriana POP and Cristina Smaranda AMBRUȘ – County Centre for Educational Resources and Assistance mr. Cristian HEUBERGHER – Colegiul Național „Gheorghe Șincai”, mr. Traian COVACIU – Colegiul Național „Vasile Lucaciu” and ms. Mariana POP – Colegiul Național „Emil Racoviță”.

Congratulations to all participants and the best of luck for this summer’s exams!

Yours, trully, the Indeco Soft Team.