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The World of INDECO SOFT had been incorporated by MR Dorin Barbul in 1990, and became LLC specialized on accounting software solution, in 1993. Along with the corporate growth during the past three decades,  and even Today, the company is being held  by the Barbul family.

Being among the top

We proudly hold multiple awards, such as ‘Top of the IT Companies’ (9-time winner, issued by the Regional Chamber of Commerce), 'APERO Excellent Award' (Bucharest, Romania), ‘The Best e-Government Solution’ (TechIndustry Awards, Cluj Napoca, Romania; and 2-time ANIAP, Bucharest, Romania). Also, having been a finalist of 2023 Smartcity Expo World Congress (Barcelona, Spain) and 2023 German SDG-Awards (Berlin, Germany).  


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The Company became a leading technology provider in Romania, enabling to serve 1500 + recurring customers on a daily basis across Central East and Southeast Europe. Beyond technology, we deliver digitization by helping Customers to access to the latest technologies with ultimate cost and time efficiency.  MS Raluca Barbul has joined to the board to represent high moral values for the all-time management together with their father, MR Barbul.

Shape future for all

We take good care about the youngest through INDECO SOFT Social Technologies, and engaged to provide wide access for the elders to better social services by our Remote Elderly Care Solutions. We involve young researches in building value-adds while encourage them to be dedicated to science and technology.  Our Green Technology Solutions are to preserve biodiversity towards accelerating precision and regenerative agriculture.   



Above good living standards, INDECO SOFT carrier model secures competitive skills, wide access to various internal trainings and technology partners’ external education programmes. MR Ciprian Ghise managing director leads the excellent staff to stay among the top IT employers of Romania. Such honor marks us on the map of the Regional Digital Economy, to influence best-practices nationwide as well as across Central East and Southeast Europe.

Preserve resources towards sustainable growth

INDECO SOFT has preserved the corporate resources even during the most challenging economic periods. Such achievement drives leadership motivation to further enhance Customers’ satisfaction for at least more 20+ years. We have a well-established Quality Management System (QMS) that fully complies with all European and Global Standards.

2023 metrics

INDECO SOFT supports B2B and B2B2C Customers to meet the Global Quality and Security Standards via user experienced interfaces running on top of its class INDECO SOFT Technologies. 30+ years of successful history has enabled our Company to become a Gold Standard of Good Governance Accessibility and Engagement Excellence.




2.2 million 

Active Users

4 million 


EUR 372 million 

Payments Executed


The World of INDECO SOFT enables ultimate efficiency during daily works. MR Ionut Achim Negru sales director is responsible for the wide access to our top of its class portfolio that drives innovation of 2000+ Customers.

We are among the firsts to provide business intelligence and advanced data visualization meta-ware for public authorities driven by satellite data (ESA Landsat 8, imagery with Sentinel 2.). Also, to better connect citizens to public services and each other towards joint efforts for the benefit of the local society. 

Customers first

INDECO SOFT Next Generation Solutions are dedicated to lead every day’s private and public information technology efficiency with the combination of inter-organizational clusters, advanced data visualization and AI. The INDECO SOFT workflows are in full compliance with European Commission requirements and all international quality and security standards.

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INDECO SOFT technology success stories are guarded by MS Flavia Popovic technical director and delivered along with massive clusters.
Data sharing, automation of primary document processing and overall DMS, task assignment and follow-up are all in full compliance with the latest global security standards.  Key features and benefits are including but not limited to end-to-end workflows such as INDECO SOFT map architecture, urban heat and rehabilitation monitoring, POI-oriented property and investment management.

Ultra flexible environment allows unlimited integration of 3rd party solutions, systems, local sites, databases (including real-time sensor data), PM applications, computer-aided design solutions. Basically, everything that is making Customers satisfied. 

20+ years of Microsoft and Oracle excellence

Server-side architectures run on Linux and Microsoft (MS) server environments, front-ends work on all operating systems. Our standards provide interoperability with legacy and local systems. Above Microsoft, we are masters of UML, Oracle database and application server, PL/SQL, SQL, JAVA, JavaScript, ReactJS, Programming for iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services and MS Azure Solution Architect tools.
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