30 years of information technology excellence 

For over 30 years, INDECOSOFT has been accelerating information technology innovation in the public and private sectors by mitigating the gap between human and machine, government and citizen, service provider and end-user.
Our Company is a privately owned independent business in the Medium Enterprise Category, operating according to Romanian law, with headquarters in Baia Mare City, Romania.

Customer satisfaction to lead a sustainable digital economy

By using our Solutions, Customers typically succeed in a radical reduction of their fixed IT costs, mitigation of operator dependency and technical staff gaps, execution of application changes with ultra-high efficiency, and maintenance automation.

INDECO SOFT operates with a staff of more than 120 people engaged in Customer satisfaction. Following the well-appreciated achievements in Romania, we are also active on Moldovan, Serbian, and Slovakian markets, with the ultimate goal of leading the 21st century’s sustainable digital economy in the Region.

2.1 million users daily

Passion, trust, and loyalty have guided INDECO SOFT from its origins as a family business to becoming a service provider for over 2.1 million users, facilitating over 4 million transactions amounting to 372 million Euros (RON 1.8 billion) in 2023 alone. These efforts have led to a top-tier product portfolio that proudly serves more than 1500 customers. Additionally, INDECO SOFT's corporate expertise has resulted in over 2000 complex business deals annually, often involving the adoption of new technologies and large-scale commercialization.

Rapid development and customization of everyday workflows

INDECO SOFT Next Generation Enterprise Solutions (NGES) to succeed in key operations with ultimate cost and time efficiency along with yet unsolved market needs. Multiple end-customers have validated ultimate value-adds, such as reduced document processing time by 80%, reduced document delivery and storage costs by 90%, or reduced time of employment procedures by 75%.


Data Management and Accessibility Tools

Enable customers to harmonize data availability through advanced reporting  empowered by user experienced data visualization procedures upon complex metadata.

Planning and Resource Allocation Solutions

Identify, target and drive standard operating procedures and records across multiple channels by streamlining enterprise resources in the best possible way.

Data Sharing and Inter-organizational Clusters

Define access rights to data and application modules for complex organizations of various divisions, where data sharing capacities are critical in serving 100.000+ clients on a daily basis.

Citizens’ Payment System

Execute payments of any VISA, VISA Electron MasterCard or Maestro debit / credit cards issued worldwide. 




A business intelligence and advanced data visualization meta-ware for public authorities driven by satellite data (ESA Landsat 8, imagery with Sentinel 2.).


Versum, the public interface of SIGMA back-office brings the meta-ware alive via 21st century e-citizenship platform optimized for PC, mobile and tablet to secure the easiest access to public services, and share social and environmental responsibility actions.


First of its kind Citizens’ Payment System in Europe specialized to tax liabilities, public fees and services including public utilities, due by natural or legal persons.


Out-of-box Enterprise Products developed and commercialized by INDECO SOFT for accounting, production management, employment, asset and financial management, monitoring of leasing efficacy.

20+ years of Microsoft and Oracle excellence

Server-side architectures run on Linux and Microsoft (MS) server environments, front-ends work on all operating systems. Our standards provide interoperability with legacy and local systems. Above Microsoft, we are masters of UML, Oracle database and application server, PL/SQL, SQL, JAVA, JavaScript, ReactJS, Programming for iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services and MS Azure Solution Architect tools.

Towards proceeding over 1 billion Euros transactions annually within the next 3 years

We operate Romania’s National Electronic Payment System for local and national taxes

We serve county councils, large municipalities, middle size cities and rural communities across Romania. 

We cover the 40% of Romania's remote elderly care market.

We support over 50 public hospitals in using the most adapted technologies.

We are a selected solution provider of all the 13 major Romanian commercial banks.

Massive amount of companies including large, small and medium enterprises are benefitting from our Standard Enterprise Products.

INDECO SOFT researches are dedicated to overcome the challenges of the Sustainable Global Digital Economy

We put great emphasize to improve public and private enterprise workflows by advanced big-data modeling and coding beyond. The co-work with noble institutions such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF) has resulted the noble outcomes of the joint efforts.
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