The purpose of the ASISOC (Social Assistance) IT system is to provide an integrated IT environment to assist in the process of granting various types of social benefits, facilitating the management of registered files, generating the amounts awarded and paying these amounts to social assistance recipients.
The social welfare information system manages adequate benefits for many benefits: monthly social assistance, family support allowance, heating aid (thermal energy, natural gas, coal and petroleum fuels), emergency aid, social canteen, personal assistants, indemnity for the disabled person, state allowance, foster carers, monthly placement allowance, social vouchers, social housing.
  • Uniform management of various types of social benefits;
  • Validations between different types of benefits (and within them);
  • Single Nomenclature of Individuals, one person is entered once in the database, regardless of the number of benefits;
  • Uniqueness of revenue, addresses;
  • Situation of centralized treasury configurable on various social benefits;
  • VMG verification card with all the benefits of a person;
  • Preserving historical benefits, people;
  • A person’s personal account, cost / benefit ratio
  • Evidence of user activity by type of benefits;
  • Generate boundaries for AJPS (xls);
  • Social Inquiry Listing (model_norme)
  • Request request (model_norme)
  • Statistical reports defined by users
The application manages:
  • registries of social assistance files for each type of benefit
  • granting the amounts of social assistance beneficiaries
  • nomenclatures
  • social surveys